Sunday, 10 July 2011

Things you can do when you are healthy

I've neglected my little blog, mostly because I've been more concentrated on working on the other one which is in my mother tongue. Anyway, I've been down with the terrible stomach flu these last 6 days and I must admit that it has been awful, but it made me think. I can't remember the last time I was this sick. It really puts some things in different perspective. I miss my everyday life and all these things that I usually complain about. I mean, I miss it all! Everything seems so wonderfully luxurious and fun now that I am weak, in pain, feeling dizzy and nauseous: cleaning the house, changing diapers, throwing out the garbage. I really, really wish I am well enough to even do all of these things! I haven't been eating nor drinking for days. Yes, it sound a bit silly, but somehow I've become more aware of how wonderful my daily routine really is. I miss:

~ cooking and baking.~

~ going out to shop for fresh bread, milk and fruit.~

~ going to the beach, swimming and taking pictures of the sunset.~

~ eating watermelon.~

~ fixing my hair and putting on my perfume.~

~ having my morning coffee.~

~ kissing my hubby.~

~ drinking a glass of cold water.~

~ reading blogs and being at awe of how wonderfully creative some people are.~

~ having friends over for dinner.~

~ taking the kids out for strawberry sorbet.~

I really hope I will feel better tomorrow. All those simple things I took for granted are waiting for me. I even promised myself that I will try not to complain as much as I do and that I will show a bit more patience towards my children. My little stomach flu made me think about all those people who struggle with serious illnesses and diseases- things far more difficult and painful than what I am going through right now. I am blessed and truly thankful.

(photo from pinterest)

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